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    Shandong wanshan wanshan group, include the system glaze co., LTD., production of ceramic glaze using the kiln calcining technique, the production scale of 250000 tons/year, accounting for the province's first. Glaze company currently operates two factory, a total of more than 20 calcining kiln. Kiln production adopts automatic control operation, reduce the production cost at the same time, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the product quality. The company production of ceramic glaze product quality pass, the price is reasonable, stable performance and popular in zibo and guangdong foshan and other domestic main glaze using bases, and attracted the southeast Asian countries and Taiwan businessmen, make the company's products gradually enter the international market, gain greater visibility.

    Ceramic glaze general glaze for short, is a kind of silicate, ceramics glaze applied by general with quartz, feldspar, clay as raw material, after grinding, water modulation, coating on the body surface, roasting and fused by a certain temperature, the temperature drop, the formation of vitreous thin layer on the surface of the ceramic. Ceramic glaze can make the ceramics increased mechanical strength, thermal stability, dielectric strength and prevent the erosion of liquids, gases, and increase the porcelain is beautiful and easy to wash the mop, dust contamination, and so on.
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