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    To meet the demand of its gas, industry chain extension group, group invested 1.9 billion yuan to build coal chemical industrial park, wanshan group main device of 265 million m3 / year city gas supply device, dry quenching and waste heat power generation equipment, 150 tons/hour. Main equipment for the 2 x 55 hole ZHJL - 5552 - d type a tamping coke oven, a set of 150 t/h dry quenching device, 82.5 tons/hour of waste heat boiler 1, smoke condensation type turbo-generator set 1, of which 5552 d type tamping coke oven construction of form a complete set of corresponding production recovery system. Coal gas project can produce coke 1.15 million tons/year, 300 million cubic metres of gas per year, dry quenching processing capacity of 150 tons/hour, waste heat power generation 24000 kw/h, and the by-product of coking chemical crude benzol 15000 tons/year, coal tar 65000 tons/year.

    Group continued to increase investment in coal industry, investment 400 million yuan to build 100000 tons/year crude benzol processing device, with coarse benzene as raw material, production of pure benzene, toluene, xylene, aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy benzene, and other products, the main products are pure benzene. As follows: pure benzene product capacity 71000 tons/year, toluene 15000 tons/year, xylene 05000 tons/year. Crude benzol processing device adopts domestic advanced hydrofining technology, containing impurities such as sulfur compounds from the crude benzol hydrogenation process all off, the extractive distillation separation technology to remove impurities, and then USES the negative pressure to produce the high quality benzene. Main products of pure benzene, toluene and xylene can reach level of petrochemical, including pure benzene can satisfy the high-end product downstream petrochemical industry such as styrene, TDI (toluene diisocyanate) production needs, more than three benzene yield can reach 90%, the bottom of the package unit energy consumption, high product yield.
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