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    Wanshan group is one of the largest manufacturer of high efficiency water reducing agent, an annual output of 900000 tons of powder water reducing agent. Main FDN - type A, FDN - type B, type FDN - C, and other products. Department water reducing agent for beta - naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensation product, product soluble in water, physical and chemical performance is stable, the effect is good, is a kind of high performance water reducing agent. Has the characteristics of high dispersibility, low foaming ability, high water reducing rate, intensity, early strength, enhance is superior, the adaptability of cement. Liquidity can greatly enhance the product mix concrete concrete, improve the slump, improve the workability and application properties, and the reinforced non-corrosive. FDN naphthalene series high efficient water reducing agent is widely used in all kinds of concrete engineering, prefabricated components, sleeper, Bridges, tunnels, water conservancy, power engineering, high-rise building project.

    In the domestic market of high efficiency water reducing agent, our products market share of more than 40%, in the international market, our products are exported to Britain, Finland, Italy, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Argentina and so on more than 60 countries and regions, products with perfect quality and reasonable price to win the majority of customers trust and praise.
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