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      Since its inception wanshan group, always adhere to the sustainable development strategy, the resource conservation, protection and improvement of ecology and environment, is the concept of public health of body and mind, throughout the course of operation and management and various aspects, in order to achieve sustainable growth, achieve economic benefit, social benefit and environmental benefits of organic unity.

      Wanshan group, according to industry characteristics and advantages, in the whole industry chain in comprehensive consideration of the environmental impact and efficiency of resources, based on green manufacturing theory and operation management technology, from raw materials acquisition, processing, packaging, warehousing, transportation, part of the whole process of the environmental impact the smallest, the highest resource efficiency. Wanshan group has the construction of the circulating water system, sewage system, dust removal system, tail gas recovery system and dry quenching power projects such as project of recycle economy, and realize the win-win development of the economic and environmental benefits, to achieve sustainable development, the construction of "a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly" enterprise has made a positive contribution.
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