Talent concept

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    To only the land, industry to xing. Talent is the fundamental enterprise development, is the first productivity, promote enterprise development by leaps and bounds. Wanshan group attaches great importance to the construction team, through various channels to introduce talents, efficient mechanism to cultivate talents and broad platform promotion, in an impregnable position in the fierce competition for the enterprise to provide a strong guarantee.

    "Respect for talents, cultivating talents, having both ability and political integrity, men" is always adheres to the mountain talent concept. Wanshan group, in line with the strategy of "people-oriented" the guiding ideology, in the "select shape talents, attracting talent, talent, develop talent" on built a broad stage for the employees, and implement of enterprises and grow together.

    In terms of talents, morality is wanshan TianTiao, can never be violated, having both ability and political integrity is the wanshan consistent standard of choose and employ persons. Wanshan very pay attention to the employees of the filial piety, love, the respect such as social responsibility examination, firmly not to.

    In terms of training talents, wanshan the establishment of a comprehensive, systematic training system and culture as the key, plan management as the core, to enhance the level of staff capacity in actual combat as the foothold, cultivate a batch of and a group of hardworking and pioneering mountain man.

    In terms of promotion of talent, wanshan high-speed, diversified development, for every million mountain man has provided a broad space for development and promotion platform. The subjective initiative of employees get maximize, inner potential to get the maximum digging, within the company and therefore formed the good incentive atmosphere.
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